Fun Aplenty in 2020
The Iberian Cluster 2020 Hosted by 41 Club Nerja
Cluster Origins It all started when a guy called Tony Ogden (a mainstay of Costa Blanca 41 Club) together with Ken Evans (a mainstay of Majorca 41 Club) developed the idea of the Iberian Cluster. Tony and Ken worked hard to promote continued friendship through the Cluster event and the first Cluster was formally celebrated in 1993. In the early days visiting members would stay as guests in the homes of members of the host club. Today, Cluster is much bigger and is hosted at a Hotel. It is indeed a ‘special event’ for the 41 Clubs on the Iberian Peninsula and still is entirely consistent with the ‘Purposes and Objects’ of our movement in that it is all about promoting fellowship amongst former members of Round table. In short the Iberian Cluster is one hell of a party (akin to the Round Table National Conferences of the 1980’s – albeit attended by somewhat smaller numbers) and has become a must attend event in the European 41 Club Calendar. There are currently 6 Iberian Clubs active within the Cluster: Algarve, Calpe, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Majorca and Nerja. Members are from all over Europe and each Club takes it in turn to Host the Cluster. The rota for the next few years will be confirmed at the Nerja Cluster AGM. History of Nerja’s Involvement Nerja 41 Club was Chartered in October 2004. Our Founder Chairman, Troels Peterson, was very keen and attended the Cluster 2005 and came back and more or less told us that we were running the Cluster in 2007. Our Club had a membership of approximately 15 at the time and we took on the task with a great deal of excitement. With no experience and no notes from previous Clusters to show us the way, we headed off to the Costa Del Sol Cluster 2006 to sell our event for the next year where we performed a cabaret at the Gala Dinner with a 007 theme. James Bond then became our theme for the event appearing on literature, table decorations and Club t-shirts! We hosted the Cluster again in 2014. Venue was the Hotel Las Marinas and the theme was the 60’s. We learnt a lot that year! We now have the challenge of using our experience to organise a great Cluster in 2020.