Cluster Prices Accommodation Costs We have 2 options for accommodation in the Iberostar Malaga Playa Hotel: Option 1 Until 31 December 2019 all delegates who want to make a booking for the event can call directly the hotel (+34 952 52 75 94) and will have the following fixed rates: Double Standard: 59€ person/night Double Standard individual Use: 80€ person/night Guests will need to provide their own credit card at the moment of making the booking via telephone, and payment will be made once they check-in at the hotel. This option will be attractive to delegates who simply want a standard double room with the protection of no cancellation charge. For a standard double for 3 nights, the price will be 354€. Option 2 From 1st January 2020 onwards, delegates who want to make a booking can call directly the hotel (+34 952 52 75 94) and will get 10% off the IBEROSTAR online rate at the very moment of making the booking. It is valid both for payment now or payment at the hotel, and a credit card will be needed to secure the booking. This option results in a price payable at check-in again with no cancellation charge and also a further reduced price if payment is made at the time of booking. However, note that the further reduced price has a no refund condition. For example for a standard double for 3 nights, the current online prices, which are available until 1 st April 2020, are:

With payment at time of booking the on-line cost is 305€ which

will be reduced by 10% to ~275€ (no refund condition applies)

With payment on check-in the on-line cost is 406€ which will be reduced by10%to ~366€ (no cancellation charge) Different types of rooms are also using this option. The Hotels Cancellation Policy The hotels cancellation policy is described above. The only additional condition is that a no show without a cancellation will result in a charge for one night’s accommodation. Costs for Programme Events Total Cost 145 €/person This covers: Friday night dinner Gala dinner Friday and Saturday night drinks receptions Friday night entertainment Gala Dinner entertainment Other sundries Nerja’s Cancellation Policy We will attempt to refund all cancelled bookings. With a reasonable notice of cancellation only the fixed costs for the programme events etc. are at risk. These are estimated to be 25€ person. This amount may not be refunded but if the numbers attending give rise to a surplus then this element will also be refunded. Estimated Costs of Optional Events Description Thursday night dinner (Inc. entertainment) 40.00 €* Friday excursion 30.00 € Friday golf 45.00 € Key: * If required the cost of the Thursday evening meal is to be paid with other entertainment cost.
Fun Aplenty in 2020
The Iberian Cluster 2020 Hosted by 41 Club Nerja